5 Summer Care Tips to Keep the Baby Healthy and Comfortable

by Andrew Patterson
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Newborns and babies are very much sensitive to hot weather as this condition begins some of its connections that are not good for anyone especially babies. For example, the heat rashes become dangerous for the baby’s skin in the hot weather. There are certain other summer issues such as loss of appetite, diaper rashes, dehydration and poor ventilation. The Couponegypt.com has solutions for all these issues. It recommends the parents to search Mothercare Coupon Code, safety tips and other important steps for the hot weather.

Summer Care for Newborns:

There is no need to assume that a newborn is fresh and hydrated even inside the home. Some mothers don’t take care of the hydration level of babies. Remember, they are taking breast milk or formula milk. There is plenty of water but the evaporation system is also working fast. The babies require more water frequently. Don’t wait to see the baby’s skin turning red or dry. These are some extreme signs of heat exposure and dehydration. Instead, mothers should feed the babies frequently in order to maintain the hydration requirements.

Let the Fresh Air Ventilate Home:

Fresh air is always important for everyone. Babies need it more than anyone else does. As a matter of fact, they need more oxygen for growing cells and systems. The entire immunity system develops when they is plenty of hydration and oxygen. Make sure that these ingredients are present easily. Never let your baby in a room which is hot and suffocated. Open the windows and doors in order to let the fresh air circulate easily.

Avoid Scorching Sun:

This is a general point every mother knows. As a matter of fact, scorching heat or sunlight is very dangerous for everyone. It could be lethal for the babies. Never set a crib or bed close to window if sunlight comes there. The scorching heat will cause sunburns and severe dehydration. Bring a crib with Mothercare Coupon Code that has special canopy system. Always put it away from the window especially the range of sunlight. Also, put curtains on the windows and doors to stop the sunlight while the fresh air comes in.

Appropriate Dressing Is The Key:

There is no need to dress up a newborn with top brands. In Egypt, the summer season is always tough for everyone. Newborns suffer more especially if moms use inappropriate clothing. We recommend use of organic cotton or linen. Wrap the baby in a thin muslin cloth. This works fine and there is nothing wrong with it. Your purpose is to keep the baby cool. Use the diapers for night only.

Body Massage in Morning:

Bring the baby massage oils with Mothercare Coupon Code. Use the quality oils only especially for the babies. Mothers usually give a gentle body massage to babies in summer season. This massage eases the muscles and improves blood flow in the veins. It is a good practice. However, massage the baby before shower. Let them playing for a while so the body will regulate temperature.