A Guide to Choosing the Right Promotional Gift

by Andrew Patterson
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A promotional gift is something that offers tremendous value both to the advertiser and the recipient. The basic aim of giving the promotional gift is to stay in the minds of the people and motivate them to give you business. But then, you should gift the right thing to the right person to achieve maximum impact. If anything goes wrong, it can even lead to a bad impression of your brand. To choose the right promotional gift, you need to keep the following things in mind.

Focus on the Recipient

You should be clear on whom you want to gift. Is the gift for your employees, suppliers, existing customers or new prospects? Depending on who you want to gift, you need to choose different gifts. For instance, if you are gifting to existing customers, then the message that your gift would carry would be different than the one in a gift to your prospective customers. You can visit stores like Concept Plus to get a varied range of gifts in each category.

Choose Something Useful Providing Great Visibility

The whole aim of promotional gifting is to promote your company. Thus, the item you choose should be useful and interesting to the receivers such that it can be used frequently, thus exposing your logo more often. For instance, gifting a t-shirt with a large logo is unlikely to be worn by the recipient. Instead, gifting a nice pen with a small logo is more likely to be used as it poses a greater possibility of free publicity.

Give and Get

If you are giving promotional gifts to prospective clients, you should ensure that the gift has your contact information. Else you will only be giving without getting back anything in return. This contact info can be a logo, phone number, URL, tagline or QR code. As you have a finite space to include this call to action, make it count.

Choose Good Quality Products

With promotional items, you are basically selling your brand. People love to get gifts but not cheap and shabby stuff. Giving cheap, useless products will leave a bad brand impression. Choose quality products that leave a lasting impression. 

These are a few of the things to keep in mind when choosing a promotional gift. Promotional items often help you win the attention of the clients but only if the gift item is chosen carefully and correctly.