Christian gifts to celebrate your loved one’s faith

by Clare Louise
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When it comes to buying gifts, everyone you speak to will have some secret tips on how to buy the perfect gift. However, when it comes to gifts there is one tried and tested way to ensure you get a gift that someone will love – make it personal. 

Think about what’s important to them, and this will be the biggest clue on what to get them. Now when it comes to a person of faith, you might think this would make it harder to get them a gift. If anything, this makes your task so much easier! 

If the loved one you’re buying for is a Christian, why not get them something that celebrates their faith? 

Here are some great gifts that will celebrate your loved one’s Christian faith: 

A Celtic Cross

If you want to buy a special gift, jewelry is always a great place to start. We can probably guess the first thing you’ve thought of – a cross necklace? Whilst this is a great place to start, what if we told you there was an extra variation of this that would surprise and delight as a gift? 

A Celtic Cross is an excellent variation on traditional cross necklaces. There are countless designs to choose from, so you can get something that is not only stylish but that also celebrates the faith of your loved one! They even come in unisex designs so you can buy one of these pieces for anyone! 

Special Edition Bible

What better gift for someone of faith than a bible? They will likely have one already that’s loved and worn, so why not get them a special gift bible? 

Check with your local Christian or normal book store, and you’re sure to find an extra special bible for your loved one! 

Devotional Journal

Regular, even daily, devotionals are a huge part of how many Christians practice their faith. However, keeping this consistent can be tough with everything people need to do on a day to day basis. A Devotional Journal is an excellent gift that will help keep this practice regular and help them feel stronger in their faith – a gift that will keep on giving. 

Christain Art

If your loved one is proud of their faith, why not purchase them a piece of Christian art? This could be a canvas with their favorite bible verse or some other piece they can display in their home to celebrate their faith. 

Personalized Bible Cover

This is a great way to add a personal touch to a gift. This case will protect their most important book for years to come and you can even choose their favorite color!