Five different types of leather materials used in bags

by Jennifer Janelle
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Leather items have been popular since the last century. Nowadays, everyone is using items made of leather such as leather jackets, wallets, belts, bags etc. Leather is taken from the skins of animals such as cows, sheep, deer, pigs, horses, snakes, alligators, elephants, lamb, goat, and kangaroo.

There are many types of leather, and different kinds of leather are used to make every item. If you are buying any leather items like leather bags or leather jacket for yourself, then you need to know four things to determine the quality of the leather you have purchased.

  1. Leather Tanning process
  2. Type of  leather hide
  3. Location of the leather cut
  4.  Know about the incrassation of the leather.

 The goat, cow, lamb, and calfskin are most commonly used in the leather industry for a leather jacket in India. Here are some of the types of leather which are as follow:- 

  • Cowhide Leather

Calf leather is in high demand for making leather jackets in India because it is soft, smooth, and similar to expensive high-quality leather. Kip leather is slightly lighter than leather from cowhides. Whenever a new artist starts to saw a leather item, it is better to start with cow’s skin or lambskin.

  • Leather from  mammals

Grainy and fine leather from sheep and lambs is much better for leather bags and for other item which are made of leather. Sheep and lamb leather are collectively called sheep leather. The usually leather made from the skins of hogs or pigs are called Pigskin.

  • Reptiles Leather

Hide taken from turtles, crocodiles, lizards, snakes are all used to make leather items. The material made of pure leather is durable.


Usually, all types of leather is divided into two or more layers for commercial use in the leather industry. The top layer is a natural grain, which is usually called top grain.All other leather layers are divided.

  • Full-grain leather

The full-grain leather is the best quality leather, and this leather is the most expensive. This leather is durable, and over time it gets better. Full-grain leather is also known as Top-grain leather. You can buy an item made of full-grain leather once and take advantage of it for many years. 

  • Corrected Grain Leather or Top grain leather 

This is the second number layer. When leather is removed by sanding and buffing to remove surface imperfections, it gives the leather a uniform appearance. This leather is less durable than full-grain leather. This leather is more flexible, thinner, and less expensive than full-grain leather. This type of leather is used to remove all natural marks.

  • Genuine leather

Many times, the third grade of leather is passed as genuine high-grade leather. But after use, you can find that it is not high-grade leather. Leather items made from this leather are not very durable. 

  • Split leather

This is a type of leather, and that leather is different from the hidden skin. It is very weak and light in weight leather. You can see many cracks in this type of leather. The split leather is not durable so it is not used to make qualified leather items.

  • Bonded leather

This type of leather is used to make furniture. It is very cheap leather. It is very light type of leather. The bonded leather is also known as revived leather.

Full-grain leather bags and leather jackets in India are costly, but that leather is very durable.If you want to buy a good leather jacket and leather bag, then you should buy only full-grain leather.