Gift Ideas For Parents: Everything Funny Under $50

by Clare Louise
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Whether it’s Christmas, New Year or their birthdays, there’s always room to celebrate with the parents. But no tears please! Have a blast spending time by giving them a part of yourself in this gift ideas for parents list that’s sure to crack them up (not your wallet!)

  • Cold Beer Coats ($13)

Dad and the bro will enjoy cold beer that stays cold, in this case, very stylishly! Wrap the cans up in mini jackets of cold beer coats and watch them standing on the table like toys. Double the cold, minus the cold hands!

  • The Totally Awesome Book of Useless Information ($12)

This little book will surely be a great way to start a conversation in the room, especially for Dad or Mom who loves trivia and trivia games. Even if they’re not, it’s a great way to kill time on stay-at-home days.

  • Mistaken Lyrics Coasters ($24)

We all got that one song we always misheard. This set of coasters just immortalized those lyrics into something useful. It’d be a nice laugh for those ho-hum afternoons or gloomy mornings.

  • Slang Flashcards

Unfortunately, this gag gift isn’t available at the moment of writing but once it will, it will serve such an important teacher for your a-little-behind-the-times parents who struggle to know meanings of BTW, LMAO, or WTF. It’s 50 of the most common acronyms or lingo to learn and laugh over.  

  • Hands Free Umbrella

Look, ma, no hands! Gives a whole new meaning on hands free while using the umbrella. It’ll be such a useful contraption for mom who struggles to carry her groceries to the door. She will need someone to help her wear it in the first place, though. 

Still, this is such a great find!

  • Giant Bread Pillow ($32)

It’s fluffy, big and so real! As this is a stuffed pillow with silk lining, who knows bread could be this useful? 

  • RainBowl Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light ($12)

It’s a night light and a disco light in one toilet! The night light function is sensor activated so when Dad or Mom wakes up, they don’t have to fumble for the switch, they just need to bump into the toilet! 

And when doing their thing on the toilet, they have the option of changing the sensor light into different colors. Seriously, this comes with EIGHT colors! How fun yet practical is that?

As if your Dad doesn’t know how much you love him, you can try engraving it into his favorite baseball or basketball so he can relive your love over and over again. Sneak in a laugh as he is torn between getting you a timeout and giving you a hug. Do the same prank with your mom with her favorite watch. And good luck with that!

Family life can be hard, don’t stress it too much. Get a load of laughs with our gag gift ideas for your parents at My lovely Presents. It’s all affordable but the laughs are priceless.