How to Dress Like a Korean Idol

by Clare Louise
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No doubt that the Korean fashion and music industry has taken over the world drastically in the past few years. If both of these industries are combined, we come across something that is over every kid’s mind these days, i.e., K-Pop. Not only musically, but it has also made a worldwide statement with its visual appeal among the young audience. On average, one of every 5 fans of K-Pop wants to look like their idol undoubtedly. There is no other way to do this rather than copying their fashion sense and following these amazing tips, which can surely make you twin with your favorite artist.

  • Figuring out a concept: The first among the many things is to get an idea of which look you want to carry out smartly, whether it’s a sexy theme, a geeky theme, a bad boy look, or a kiddie outfit. Apart from copying the look, the major catch is to get in a ‘signature piece’ to make you look just in-line with the adopted theme. You can buy your favorite dress from
  • A mixture of Genres: The daring act of pairing up different clothing pieces that you think don’t blend in but do is an act of bravery and fashion. Getting things like a short party Korean outfit with an army jacket can take a look of its own to trend. Getting these items together can help you get one step closer to your ideal idol look.
  • Don’t forget to layer up: This step typically helps you make an outfit of your own out of your old clothes itself. A mix and match can also lead to the formation of an all-new outfit that you could have never imagined.
  • Unsophisticated is the new Sophisticated: Instead of making a more of an airport statement look, you can rather opt away from the polished look. Even when using non-popular colors, you can slay the way and get an awesome look curated, especially for yourself. Try the amazing collection at Yishion and be a show stopper.
  • Make accessory your best friend: Loud and shiny accessories make for a very beautiful K-Pop artist’s look. Mismatched earrings and colorful pieces of jewelry are very important components of the Korean Pop Outfit.
  • Cute Little Prints: Bright colored shirts with cute pop prints should be the first choice for a similar look to that of your idol. Uncoordinated styles are the most loved for this new age Korean outfit copying style.
  • Showcase the complicated cuts: Make yourself look a little busy by pairing your major outfit with some shirt or jacket that has some shiny buttons, which would surely serve as some additional accessories.
  • Adapt to the Colour Wheel: The color wheel is one thing that significant designers sought for when designing some stuff for the K-Pop artists. If you are not confident about your pairing for the outfit, the colour wheel should be your best friend—colors having the same base family look very good together indeed.
  • Never look back to trends and generations: Pickup items from different eras and trends to make it a perfect look for your K-Pop idealistic outfit. For example, try pairing an around the neck scarf with some hot pink top and slay the look.
  • Never neglect contrast: Contrasting colours is the thing that majorly not only K-Pop but all artists rely on. Pairing a funky n\eon jacket with your all time favourite black base never gets you on the wrong foot. Short skirts with your long sweaters make for a very cool and trendy outfit as a whole.
  • Get some overall SWAG: The outfits won’t work if you don’t have that required swag quotient in you. K-Pop artists are fashionistas with such random outfits because they know how to carry it well. The concept dressing thing is surely best fitted if you have the same concept in your overall attitude.

Being a K-Pop artist isn’t easy anyway, you have to manage a lot of fashion guidelines and trends. Being a fan isn’t any easy, copying is an art and taking inspiration from Korean fashion is indeed an art. Keeping up with these fashion trends is as tough as keeping up with the latest technology. You have to have the basic senses and also keep up with the latest stuff to make yourself observed as fashionable and beautiful. Tips for the same are innumerable but the most basic is to follow the most important and the gorgeous trends that the youth is after. The look is only appreciated by you at first if you think that it makes you look great. Try to be confident and carry the outfit perfectly. That’s the key and this will make you look just like the idol you think of in the mind.