What is the Significance of Sehra and Kalgi in Punjabi Weddings 

by Clare Louise
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Punjabi weddings are royal affairs. Everything seems dreamy and classy. Whether it’s the dazzling bride or the dashing groom, with their amazing attires they can make their D-day special. Brides with beautiful Lehengas, wedding Chooda, Kalire make her the perfect bride. On the other hand, the groom with his royal Sherwani, Kalgi on a turban and Sehra look splendid.

We often talk about Bride’s accessories, but grooms sometimes take the back seat. But now the trend of accessories for grooms in weddings is changing. The accessories of the groom such as, Kalgi, Sehra, Sword, etc are enhancing the overall look of the groom. Here, we are going to talk about the significance of the Sehra and Kalgi. As it is worn by the groom on his wedding day.

Sehra- Traditional Headdress for Punjabi Grooms

Sehra originally belongs to Northern parts of India where white flower strings were tied to the Turban or Pagri which is nowadays flipped with the Pearl strings Sehra. It tends to cover the groom’s face, just like the bridal ‘Ghoonghat’. The purpose of Sehra is intended to ward off the evil eye. Moreover, the bride and the groom are not supposed to see each other before their wedding ceremony. 

History of Traditional Punjabi Headdress

For the Sikh grooms, this tradition of having Sehra comes from the times of 10th guru Sri Guru Govind Singh who used to add flower strands to the Turban that added an element of pride and prestige. 

What is the Sehra Bandi Ceremony?

This ceremony is celebrated just before leaving for the bride’s house. The groom’s sisters, cousins and sisters-in-law participate in this ceremony. Each woman takes her turn to perform the ritual. During this ceremony, traditional wedding songs are sung. After the completion of the Sehra Bandi ceremony, all those who witness the function give gifts and cash to the groom as a token of love. 

Kalgi- A Symbol of Royalty

A Kalgi is an ornament that enhances the beauty of the groom’s Pagadi. It is a brooch that is worn on the front of the turban with features that form a plume. It also has some colored stones and gems embedded in a metallic brooch. The Kalgi makes a groom the King of the day that adds to his looks.

It has become a fashion trend accessory now. In ancient times, Kalgi was usually reserved for emperors also known as Rajas or Maharajas. Sikh Gurus are often depicted in paintings and drawings with Kalgis.

What is the Kalgi Tying Ceremony? 

The Kalgi tying ceremony is done just after tying Sehra to the groom’s turban. Sisters and cousins take turns to do this ritual and sing beautiful traditional songs all along. During the Anand Karaj ceremony, Kalgi is removed in front of the almighty Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This is done to give respect to the creator.

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