Advantages Of Photographing A Tree

by Laura Stark
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Why a tree? Well, because there is always one nearby, it does not move, you can photograph it whole, isolated, accompanied, by details, with or without leaves. They offer different colours, you can work the focus and depth of field. It is a perfect element to practice photography and achieve attractive and even spectacular images. It all depends on you, your desire, whether to edit your image with photoshop plugins, and these tricks.


A good option is to photograph your silhouette against the light. In this way, you practice the backlight and achieve the most attractive images, either from its branches, its crown, the trunk or the animals that nest in it.

In The Different Seasons

This is a great idea, although keep in mind that it is long term since it will take practically a year to carry out this small project and see the results.

If you are a nocturnal bird or it attracts you at night to photograph, be sure to immortalize a tree embraced by stars and darkness. You will be amazed at the results.

Black And White

In addition to that, we love black and white, and we recommend it regularly, it is that it turns out that a tree in grayscale is highly favoured because, among other aspects, the textures of the trunk stand out and the lines of the branches stand out. Look at this example, isn’t it to fall in love at first sight?


Sometimes we complicate our lives too much with the elements within a frame when what usually impacts the most is a clean, tidy image with few reasons.

But not upwards as you look at a building, that is, a low angle, but from a nadir angle, perpendicular to the ground or as much as possible. Do not hesitate to check the best lightroom plugins at