Common Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Rabbit Owner

by Jennifer Janelle
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Having a rabbit as your pet is exciting but can also be challenging with the same measure. Most people often make a mistake knowingly or unknowingly that ends up hurting the rabbits. It’s vital to research how to care for and feed your bunny to avoid complications in their health that could lead to death. However, some mistakes are unavoidable, but you need to learn to be able to prevent them. This article will explore the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Giving Rabbits the Wrong Diet

Feeding a rabbit requires you to be cautious since their stomach is sensitive and prone to illness. It is vital to have a good schedule of meals to feed them to prevent boredom. Most people mistake feeding their rabbits with meals that have been poorly stored. A well-balanced diet for rabbits should contain grass, hay, and green leaves. It would be best if you considered storing this hay in a Hay Box to avoid it getting dust or moisture. When giving them pellets, ensure you give them a limited portion.

Not Bunny Proofing the House

If you are a new known owner of the rabbit, it’s essential to ensure your belonging and the wires are well covered. This is because the rabbits are very playful and like to hop everywhere around the room. To avoid damage or the rabbit getting hurt, ensure you bunny-proof your house to ensure safety.

Failure to Spend Time with the Bunny

Most rabbit owners think rabbits are cage animals and make them live in them. This should not be the case as rabbits are social and interact with others, especially if the rabbit is one and alone. When you are at home, release them and try spending some quality time with them. Suppose you are reading or watching, you can let them hop around and give you company. This helps the rabbit feel the safe, reducing stress and giving it time to exercise.

Keeping Your Bunny Outside

Rabbits were initially placed outside on hunches, making them a target to many predators. As a pet lover, you make a great mistake leaving your rabbit out since it will create fear in them, leading to stress. The rabbits can often get attacks from parasites such as mosquitoes that can cause diseases. Place your rabbit in a secure room and preferably in your sitting room, where you can monitor it without stress.

Picking The Bunny Too Often

Most people think about holding their pets anytime they want to cuddle them. Even though you love your pet, it doesn’t love to be held. This is due to the rabbit’s instincts since they are prey to most animals. Picking the rabbits too often makes them associate you with the feeling of fear, and they will panic or run away whenever they see you. The best way to interact with a rabbit is by sitting down and letting it approach you.

Take Away!

The above mistakes should be avoided to ensure your bunny’s happy life. When buying the food, research and buy from reputable companies to avoid purchasing fake brands that might affect your bunny’s health.