Gear You Need To Ride This Winter for Your Shopping Needs

by Chriss Jerry
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While horses have some natural defenses against the cold, you personally don’t have the same layers of insulation and heat-trapping hair that your four-legged friend has. If you plan to keep up your trail rides this winter, make sure you and your horse have these crucial supplies.

Equestrian Protection

You won’t be able to enjoy your ride if your steed is suffering, so make sure you get these supplies for horses to have a great time on the trails.

  • Polo wraps —to keep your horse’s legs supported and warm, invest in comfortable and secure wraps. Different color, length, and closure options leave you with plenty of protective options.
  • Supportive boots — if you have to ride through the snow, your equine friend will move more slowly and have trouble before you get too far. Insulated boots will help them stay warm and mobile.
  • Lined halter — your ordinary tack might be too cold on the horse’s skin or too stiff for them to move around well. If you go for a sturdy fabric lined with soft material, you might find them more willing to wear it.

Rider’s Clothes

Since you have less natural protection against the cold, make sure you don’t hit the trails unless you’re wearing the right gear:

  • A base layer— this layer, closest to your skin, should be breathable and dry quickly to avoid chilling your skin too quickly.
  • A mid-layer — your second layer of protection should be insulating and keep heat inside. However, it should still allow moisture to escape from the inner layer.
  • An outer layer — the outer shell of your outfit should be waterproof and keep your insulation inside. If you’re in a severely cold climate, add another layer of insulation before getting to the shell.
  • Extremity protection — keep your hands, feet, and head covered securely and warmly.