How To Dress for Concealed Carry For Your Fashion

by Paul Petersen
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If you have decided to carry a concealed weapon, you may have to change your personal style to accommodate your weapon and keep it hidden. For example, a concealed thigh holster will work well with some clothing options, such as short or flowing skirts, but your draw will be impeded when you wear pants and your weapon may be visible when you wear them tight.

Cold Weather

Winter is typically the easiest time of the year to carry concealed. You are wearing bulky sweaters and coats that can easily conceal your weapon. You also typically layer your clothing in the winter, so wearing concealed carry undergarments, such as tank tops and t-shirts or underwear, is comfortable.

Not Winter

During the fall, spring and summer, you may have to be a bit more creative to hide your weapon. Therefore, consider heavier fabrics. Loose clothes make carrying more comfortable. Avoid solid colors, fabrics that drape and patterns with straight lines. These types of clothing will reveal the outline of your firearm, which may result in dangerous situations. Also, avoid skin-tight or fitted clothing.

Easy Access

No matter the season, be sure your clothing allows you to quickly and easily access your firearm. You should be able to pull and present your weapon efficiently. Make sure your clothing does not get caught on your firearm as you draw it. For example, clothing with snaps instead of buttons offer easy access options.

Hobby Clothing

You may think that tactical clothing will conceal their weapons properly, but many people can recognize tactical clothing, revealing your weapon without allowing it to be seen. However, you can wear clothing that is made for other hobbies, such as fishing. These clothes have extra pockets so you can carry your supplies, but these pockets can easily conceal your firearm as well.

Consider purchasing multiple holsters and a variety of clothing options to effectively conceal your weapon.