How to Know Your Sunglasses Size?

by Jennifer Janelle
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To make sure you’re buying the right sunglasses, you must first determine your face size. There’s usually a size indicator on the inside of the temple. The width of your face should match the width of the frame. If there’s no size indication, you can also calculate your size by adding up the width of your cheekbones and the distance between the lenses. Afterward, you can compare the width of the frame with your face size to choose the right sunglasses.

Measure your cheekbones

It’s vital to know the exact shape of your face before purchasing sunglasses. Whether you have a square face or an oval one, knowing the size of your cheekbones will allow you to choose better-fitting sunglasses. Properly fitted sunglasses can make you look like Geordi Laforge or Elton John. To determine the correct size, you need to measure your cheekbones and the width of your jawline. Once you have this information, you’re ready to purchase a pair of sunglasses that will look great on you.

To find the right sunglass size, start by measuring the length and width of your face. This will give you an accurate measurement of the width of the frame. Your cheekbones are the most prominent part of your face, so it is essential to choose a frame that fits them properly. Also, ensure that the frame is the correct width for your face so that you won’t overshadow your face with large frames.

You can measure your cheekbones with a credit card. You can also take measurements with a caliper to make sure you choose the correct size. If you’re purchasing Gucci sunglasses online, you need to provide these measurements to make sure they fit correctly. This is essential to ensure that your glasses are both comfortable and secure. A round face can result in headaches. If you need to purchase a new pair of sunglasses, you’ll want to choose a pair that matches your face shape and budget.

To determine which sunglasses size will fit you best, you need to know your face shape. Your face’s unique structure will determine which frames will look good on your face. Don’t forget to take a handy quiz to find out which face shape you have. You may be surprised at what you learn! If you have never tried this before, take a quiz.

Measure your temples

To know your sunglasses’ size, you first need to measure the distance between your temples. Then, you can use a tailor’s tape or a standard ruler. Choose a ruler with millimeter markings, as these are very important to match the measurements to the frame size of your sunglasses. Once you have the measure, you can go to an optical shop or sunglass store to have your new sunglasses fit you perfectly.

You can also measure your temples by visiting a local store and trying on different frames. You can find a pair you like and look inside the temple to see the model number and the size. Make sure you measure all the parts of your temples, especially the protruding pieces. Generally, you need to measure your temples between twelve and fifteen millimeters, and the temple length should be at least five millimeters longer than your eye size.

Once you’ve measured your temples, you can then measure the bridge of your sunglasses. The bridge is the piece of plastic or metal that joins the two lenses. The temples are typically between thirteen to fourteen millimeters long, but there are exceptions. In general, a bridge should be at least 14mm wide. However, if your temples are shorter, you should look for a pair with a bridge width of at least twenty-five millimeters.

The total width of your frame includes the endpieces. The endpiece is the width from the end of the lens to the edge of the temple. The frame’s width should be four to twelve millimeters. You’ll need to bend the temples around your ears if it isn’t. This will make it easier to find the perfect sunglass frame. If you are unsure what measurement you need, you can use a mirror or straight ruler.

The length of your temples is an essential factor in choosing the correct glasses size. First, you must have a standard measurement for both temples and bridges. Then, take the arm length from the hinge to the farthest tip of the temple. This is the same length as your face, but it may vary slightly for each person. Once you’ve determined these measurements, you’re ready to purchase your new sunglasses.