Make your Dad feel special this Christmas

by Andrew Patterson
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‘What makes you a DAD is not the ability to make a child but it’s the courage to raise one.’ That is why we surround ourselves with family and friends. We need people to share the love and little moments of joy share sorrows with someone close to you. Family and true friends never leave your back. One such family member is our Dad. 

He is the most unselfish person in the family. He is your friend at times, he becomes your bedtime storyteller, he guides you when you get confused in life, he teaches you what is right from wrong and gives you the chance to make your own mistakes so that you can yourself learn from them. He seems strict at times, but he has the softest heart possible. He is none other than our Father.

Christmas is the season of celebration of love and bonds that we share with our friends and family. 

Your father works hard for you and your family years together to give you a life of comfort, he gives you the choice to make your own mistakes and opinions. He is the one who may have taught you the importance of Christmas when you were young, he may have become Santa for you many years ago when you were little, he has done anything and everything in his mite to make you happy make you strong to nurture you throughout his life. He will never tell you the hardships he went through but he shares his experience and lessons that he learned so that you can learn from it too. It’s our time to make him feel special, give him a small token of our love that expresses our feelings of love, gratitude towards him.

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