Planning a Family ReunionWith Full Shopping

by Jennifer Janelle
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Planning a family reunion takes time and requires a lot of communication. It’s not going to happen overnight. Sometimes, it can feel almost like too much work, but when you get your family all together, it’s so worth it.

Reunion Details

You’ll need to consider many factors during planning including the size of your group, favorite activities among the family and possible locations. Plan to get together with some of your family members like siblings or parents to discuss the specifics. Don’t include too many people in this planning meeting or the discussion may become less efficient. Share the workload by splitting roles evenly among family members, such as food assignments and activity planning.

Customized Family Hats

We’ve all seen family reunion T-shirts that are worn once, put into a dresser and never touched again. Make your family reunion unique by purchasing custom embroidered baseball hats Avery County NC. Think about creating a family logo for the hats, putting each individual’s name on their hat or even using a phrase or joke you all know and love. Whatever you decide, make sure it represents your family specifically.


Not every person in the family has to love every activity, but there should be something that each of them can enjoy. Consider spending some time at the beach. The beach is a great place to go because it gives many options for the family to enjoy including making sandcastles, sunbathing, kayaking or simply relaxing and reading a book. However, remember that spending time together is the main goal of a family reunion, so don’t feel pressured to plan extravagant activities. Simply playing games at the rental home is a great way to get everyone involved in the fun.

A family reunion should be full of happiness and laughter. Yes, things may get hectic at times, but one of the most beautiful things about family is the way they love one another even in times of stress.