Similarities and Differences Between Revolvers and Pistols Before Buying In shop

by Laura Stark
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Handguns are not all the same. There are all different kinds. However, you can boil them down basically to two different classifications: revolvers and pistols. Each group has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at how they relate to each other.

Brief History

While there is no clear-cut date for the origins of these firearms, there are some notable years to discuss. Revolvers are iconic for their cylindrical shape. You may have seen Clint Eastwood wield them in a variety of movies featuring the Wild West. Inventor Samuel Colt trademarked and popularized a prototype in 1836, leading to widespread adoption. As far as pistols are concerned, Joseph Laumann introduced the first automatic variety in 1892. The masses caught on very quickly by the end of that century.

Mechanics and Anatomy

Handguns can range from single shot to fully automatic. Single-action and double-action revolvers each have rotating cylinders. In any given model, they generally contain between five and eight rounds. The hammer of a single-action type must be cocked before each trigger pull. Double-actions are more convenient because the firing of the shot itself takes care of that. As such, they are known for their reliability. Ask any gun enthusiasts, and they will tell you how wary they are of pistols jamming. Speaking of pistols, their ammo is stored in their handles. This leads to a higher capacity for the number of rounds. This type of firearm is generally semi-automatic, although single shot and automatic varieties do exist with sig factory parts for sale.

Self Defense

Many people choose handguns for protection because of their size and portability. Revolvers have the ability to be more powerful because of their capability to hold higher-caliber cartridges. Pistols make up for this with sheer volume. Both come in a variety of proportions that can fit in pockets, bags or other compartments.

As you can see, both revolvers and pistols share an interesting history. With the proper training and care, they can provide you with the safety and entertainment you desire.