The Right Way Of Buying Safety Shoes

by Laura Stark
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Every workplace is different from the other. Some workplace asks workers to sit on a desk and do their job on a computer away from any life risk, and others ask workers to stay on their knees evading all life risks. Surely, the workplace with maximum risk asks the worker to work wearing all kinds of safety gear as protection. However, one still needs to be alert and use the safety gear that best and made following safety standards.

Therefore, when you arrive at safety shoe shop (ร้านรองเท้าเซฟตี้, which is the term in Thai) to buy your next shoe that can complement your workplace, you have to check few things. Few things like the sector you work in and the danger you face at your job should be your priority when choosing a safety shoe.

So, here are or few tips that you must follow when you are buying safety shoes for your protection.

Tip To Follow When Buying A Safety Shoe


The safety shoe (รองเท้าเซฟตี้, term in Thai)manufacturers have to follow when manufacturing quality shoes. The standard, regulation, and certification may vary from country to country. For example, you can check the EN certification of shoes if you are from Europe. Besides EN, you can also check the ISO certification that the manufacturer print on the shoe as a label. Make sure to research the certification you need to check, which depends on the country you live in before you arrive at the safety shoe shop. Moreover, you can ask a safety shoe shop to tell you more about the certification.

Meaning Of Different Certification

Before buying a shoe, you must also know about the meaning of different shoe certificates that can help you make a much more informed choice as a consumer.

  • EN ISO 20345: The impact-resistant of such shoes are about 200 joules. The soles of the shoe avoid slippage even on smoother surfaces
  • EN ISO 20346: The certification states the show can withstand the impact of up to 100 joules and 10 KN compression.

Safety Shoe Properties

The next step is to find the shoe with a property that suits the environment of your workplace. There are various safety shoes with different properties to serve the challenges of the different workplace. Here are few specifications of safety shoes that you can go through at the safety shoe shop.

C: Conductive

Wr: Water-Resistant

Cre: Chemical Resistance

I: Electrically Insulated

A: Antistatic

Hi: Heat Insulated

An: Ankle Protection

Hro: Outsole Resistance To Hot Contact

As: Antiskid

Cr: Cut Resistance

P: Penetration Resistance