Things To Know About Jewelry Subscription with Nikola Valenti

by Paul Petersen
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These days, there are hundreds of jewelry brands like Nikola Valenti, who are offering jewelry subscription services to the people. Which is without a doubt one of the most exciting gifts to give a jewelry lover in your life.

But, the problem is not many people are familiar with it, given the recent inception of the concept itself. But, don’t worry, this article will cover everything for you. Here you will learn what a jewelry subscription is and how it works. So, keep reading this article if you are curious to learn more about jewelry subscription services.

What is Jewelry Subscription Service

As the name itself implies, a jewelry subscription service is a service where the subscriber can avail of different pieces of jewelry at their convenience. Here the brand offering the Subscription will send pieces of jewelry to subscribers frequently to choose from, as long as the subscription lasts.

For instance, the Nikola Valenti brand sends jewelry once every 7 weeks. Where the subscriber is required to pay an amount of $24.99 as their Subscription fee. Afterward, the subscriber is free to choose from any of the received collections or they can also decide to return them without paying a single cent.

Reasons To Take a Subscription

Below listed are the reasons why you should consider opting for a subscription.

Great Gift

For jewelry enthusiasts, it is one of the best gifts to give them. It will enable them to purchase jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, and earpieces that they find alluring. Needless to mention, the wide variety of collections will help them increase their jewelry collection that they can adorn according to the demand of an event.

Jewelry Subscriptions are Affordable

Imagine having access to luxury jewelry that is not expensive. Well, the pieces provided by these entities are extremely affordable and they also come with quality assurance which will ensure their durability. Furthermore, the subscription allows the user to make independent decisions on whether to purchase certain jewelry or not.

Wide Variety of Products

What makes it more interesting is that you will be offered a wide collection of jewelry. Which will give you plenty of jewelry options to choose from. In addition to this, even if you don’t find the brand worth subscribing to, you can revoke your subscription at any time you want.


So, if you are someone who loves jewelry but doesn’t have enough money to purchase them, then it is an option that will help you fulfill your needs without making a hole in your pocket.