Two Ways To Keep Your Belt Around for Years

by Richard Evans
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Without your belt, you can get caught with your pants down. There’s nothing worse than having to get ready for work and your belt snaps. You might be able to prevent this occurrence from happening by taking care of it. Here are two tips to extend the life of a new or current belt.

  1. Using Cleaning Solutions

You wash your car and your clothes, but what about your belt? As long as you have a belt made out of real leather and not artificial leather, cleaning can be a very straightforward process. A clean cloth, warm water, and soap are all that’s needed most times. Sometimes a spray bottle is best to apply the mixture to ensure an even coating. After giving your belt a light cleaning, it’s recommended to allow it to air dry to prevent any residue on the belt afterward.

  1. Applying Treating Products

Your belt might seem faded after a wash. Maybe you even noticed uneven coloring that dirt and grime were hiding. Fortunately, there are treating products specifically for leather. Treating products can act as a barrier between the leather and environmental factors, such as humidity or the sun. Some of these products take the form of a thick wax or paste, and it’s best to apply only after a belt has been cleaned and air-dried. Depending on the type of leather used to make the belt, this process might be best performed once or multiple times a year. If you’ve ever invested in custom leather belts, it’s a great way to add years to their daily use.

There’s nothing worse than your belt breaking, but now you know there are ways to prevent that from happening. With a little care and attention, whether you bought it from a local or online store, your belt might be around for a few more years.