Types of Sofa Materials (And Why You Should Get Them)

by Andrew Patterson
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Much like shopping for a bed frame in Singapore, looking for the right sofa requires a bit of oversight because of the sheer variety of choices available. Not only can you get sofas in many different styles and sizes, but there are also different colours and patterns for you to choose from.

Why your sofa material matters

But by far one of the most important factors when it comes to your choice of sofa is what material it is made from. Sofa materials determine everything from what styles you can find it in, how comfortable it is, how easy it is to maintain, and even how long it will last. A sofa made from good quality material can also be more expensive.

Are you buying a new sofa for your living room? If so, you should be more discerning about what sofa material to get in Singapore. Here are a few common sofa materials and whether they’re right for you.

1. Polyester sofas.

Extremely durable and stain-resistant, a polyester sofa might be the best type of sofas for households with small children or pets. Polyester is an artificial material that can also be mixed with other materials to create a hardier texture or surface.

2. Leather sofa.

A leather sofa in Singapore sounds like the peak of luxury. They’re best used in adult households, though, because even though this type of material is tough, it can be prone to scratches or cracking if exposed to the claws of a pet or spills.

3. Cotton and linen sofas.

These comfortable fabrics have similar features and can come in a colourful variety of styles. Unfortunately, these types of fabrics can wear out or stain much more quickly than other types.

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