5 Proper Ways to Take Care of Your Eyewear

by Laura Stark
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Finding the proper eyewear may take some time, from consulting a doctor to budgeting for your purchase. That’s why, once you find eyewear like myopia control lenses in Singapore, it’s essential to learn how to take care of them so you can use them for extended periods. You can also save money and protect your health if you know how to maintain your lenses and glasses.

Now, here are some tips for caring for your eyewear: 

1. Regular Cleaning 

Any eyewear like a progressive lens or branded sunglasses in Singapore should have a regular cleaning routine. From rinsing to air drying, each step ensures that your eyewear is free from bacteria and other harmful particles that may affect your health.

2. Gently Hold 

As you clean the eyewear, you should gently hold the glasses and lenses to avoid breaking them. It’s uncomfortable to wear glasses that are out of shape or bent. So, make sure to handle it gently to prevent damage.

3. Proper Storage 

Lenses like daily contact lenses in Singapore are for everyday usage. Hence, you need proper storage so there wouldn’t be dirt or dust contamination. It can also be for hygienic purposes. You can ask your eye clinic if they can offer cases for your eyewear.

4. Safe Placing 

If you’re using branded sunglasses or a progressive lens in Singapore, you may place it anywhere you want. Maybe on top of a shelf, kitchen counter, dining table, etc. But, doing this may lead to accidental damages such as scratches, water spills, or even breaking.  So, you can place it in a safe area to maintain the condition.

5. Look for Reliable Eyewear Supplier 

Finally, the best way to maintain your eyewear, including myopia control lenses and daily contact lenses, is to look for an eyewear supplier. With this, you can ensure that the items are high-quality and endurable for many reasons.

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