Are Gerbera Daisies Good Cut Flowers?

by Jennifer Janelle
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Gerbera flowers are one of the most popular cut flower commodities. Garbera or gerbera is a type of flower used for bouquets because of its beauty and distinctive fragrance. This flowering shrub, which has more than 2,000 cultivars, has a variety of colors and sizes. Aside from being a cut flower, it is one of the favorite flowers as ornamental plants in gardens and pots. It is one of the perennial shrubs. This little sunflower is an ornamental plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family. The person who first discovered it was Carolus Linnaeus. Then he gave him the same name as his friend Traugott Gerber, a doctor from Germany.

As an ornamental plant, the blooms are not inferior to others such as roses, tulips, carnations, and chrysanthemums. Garbera is also the most popularly traded cut flower commodity in the world. One of the most popular cut flower products is a bouquet. You can make a bouquet of them as a gift for your mother. Or you can also give it to your lover as a birthday, valentine, or graduation gift. You can not only use it as a combination of bouquets, but you can also make it a decoration for your home. You can put the plants in small pots at home or in a vase. By placing it in a vase, the corner of your home will look more colorful and refreshing.

So are they the best cut flowers? Yes, they are the best of all types available. Gerbera is because this type has a long blooming period, which is 14 days. This long-blooming time makes many florists use it as a beautiful hand bouquet or vase decoration for the home table. Here are the things that can show they are the best ones. In addition to their durability, they have a unique philosophy. The philosophy starts from the health and beauty of the flowers, such as comfort and true love.

This stunning bloom can reduce various harmful chemicals in the air around the plant. In addition, these beauties can also make your sleep more comfortable because they can produce a lot of oxygen at night. This beautiful bloom is very suitable to be used as an ornamental plant in your home. It is because they can provide a sense of comfort for anyone who has them. This beautiful bloom is known to symbolize long-bound feelings of love. You can give this to your partner to be able to tie a love relationship.

Gerbera Daisies

The symbolism of this bloom is the simple beauty of a happy life. They have long been the epitome of the innocent and innocent hearts of children. The meaning is in the white ones. In addition, they also represent happiness and gratitude for the life that God has given you. It means more energetic than satisfied or melted. It was bliss that bubbled, sizzled, and emerged with a joyous surprise. The bright colors are a depiction of life or energetic play. Therefore they are not flowers for regret but rather for celebrating life! Therefore they are suitable to be given to your relatives who have just given birth.

In addition to meaning and philosophy, the color of flowers also has its significance. The red one symbolizes a person who is not aware of love or immersed in the feeling of love. And to describe your cheerful life, choose orange. You can choose the yellow one to describe the joy. And the pink color is your choice if you want to show your admiration, adoration, or high appreciation for other people. The symbol of purity or innocence is definitely on white! They are perfect for your favorite birthday or graduation gift. They can even give it to your sick friend along with a get well soon hamper.

Gerbera Daisies

They have stunning colors. It turns out to have other properties that are good, especially for insomniacs. They can produce oxygen. Its ability to generate new oxygen helps sleep better for people with respiratory disorders. Not only that, this beautiful flower has long been one of the raw materials for making perfumes, soaps, and cosmetics. So, in addition to cleaner and fresher air, the house looks even more beautiful by maintaining this beauty. It can absorb toxic gases and produce coolness in the air. Like chrysanthemum, it can saturate as much as 90 percent of indoor pollutants. To get maximum air filtration results, you need 2-3 pots of the plants for a room measuring 30 square meters. This gorgeous bloom is also known as the birth month flower for April. It is usually bright in color. So it can invite butterflies and bees to come to it. Well, for those of you who have friends or family who will give birth in April, the gift of a bouquet is the right gift to bring.