Buddha Paintings Bring in the Real Spiritual and Positive Vibes

by Clare Louise
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Our home is the place where we feel most safe, spending our leisure time far from the outer world hustle and pressure of our hectic lifestyle, rejuvenating, relaxing and performing tasks that interest us. That is why people spend money on designing the interior of their house with different artworks and creative ways.

Painting options

When it comes to placing paintings in your house, the possibilities are so many. If you are a lover of art, you may consider hanging a traditional painting, carrying cultural heritage and mesmerizing. Or you may prefer something contemporary for feeling the pace of the modern world.

Religious paintings are quite famous among Indian art lovers, artworks depicting the life events or portraits of the deities including Krishna, Rama, and Shiva and so on. Buddha paintings are also conventional in homes, restaurants and offices.

Importance of Buddha paintings 

Buddha paintings are considered to be the symbol of prosperity and wealth, and people from different parts of the world share the same sentiment. Primarily, for the Buddhists and Hindus, the presence of Lord Buddha in homes promotes divine and spiritual environment, encouraging individuals striving for the sense of enlightenment and peace.

Vastu and Feng Shui

According to Vastu and Feng Shui, placing the images of Lord Buddha at home and offices increases the flow of chi, bringing great fortune as well as prosperity. The presence of chi ensures the balance between harmony, wealth and joy.

Placing in the office

Paintings of Lord Buddha are also a symbol of bliss and innocence, protecting from negative energy and sorrow. It will undoubtedly be a good idea to have Buddha’s painting in your office; it will not only help reducing stress but also induce a relaxed mindset so you can feel more confident to tackle problems.

Can you have Buddha paintings in your home?

You do not need to be or become a Buddhist for owning a Buddha painting or image. If you strongly feel about having one, want to place it in your home or any other places, go for it without thinking so much. Buddha paintings are no harm to anyone, and it only does good for you and your family.

  • It would be best if you did not place it at the ground level of a structure like a basement
  • Place the Buddha painting in study or work areas; it will help you achieve a state of psychological and emotional well-being
  • If you place a painting of Buddha opposite the main front door of your house or office, it will intercept visitors with wrong intentions and intruders as well.
  • Buddha paintings stimulate a sense of blessings and mindfulness to all who enter the space.


Do you want to buy a painting of Lord Buddha? It’s an excellent thought, but before purchasing, you need to make sure that the painting is original and good quality. It would be best if you had a pure and clear intention for receiving the right Buddha paintings, and you will be drawn to the right one.