Know The 4c’s Of Your Morganite Rings

by Andrew Patterson
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Normally worn on the left finger, the engagement ring is a symbol of a partner’s dedication, love, and commitment to another partner. It tells a beautiful tale about the journey that the partners are going to embark upon when they decide to spend their lives together by going through the legal procedure of marriage. Thus, it holds meaning for every couple.

Be different

People prefer diamond rings for special occasions. But, are you or your partner are not those traditionalists who might like to get a diamond ring? There’s nothing to worry, you can always choose not to follow the clan. If you’re looking for something more unique, the pink gemstone which is known as morganite engagement rings is for you. It’s not as expensive as the diamond rings and is also unique, which makes it rare. Your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife can show it off in her girls’ gang and get all the praises.


Morganite is a pink color gemstone. It has the minerals of both emerald and aquamarine. It’s available in various shades of pink, starting from the simple pink to pale blush, rose, peach, salmon, and so on. Now people are often more attracted to the stones which are on the lighter shades as it adds elegance to it and also helps it to look simple, the darker pink shades are rare but perfect for the rebels as it shows boldness. Morganite rings often carry a yellow or orange tint, so, it needs to be heated to get rid of it and get the desired pink color and the different shades. The color is permanent and won’t fade.


The cut of a morganite rings is essential not only because it can affect the brilliance of the stone, but also because you don’t want to choose a shape just because you were not aware of the different types of morganite engagement ring cuts. You need to know the different cuts. Here’s a list:

  • Princess cut

A flawlessly square or rectangular cut when seen from the above and slightly pyramidal when seen from the sides, it has a flat peak in the interior.

  • Round cut

This is a perfectly round cut of morganite engagement rings. The facets meet at a perfect point and there is no elongated tip. It has a slight rise in the middle.

  • Pear cut

This cut is rounded like the round cut and is also has the characteristics of a marquise cut. It is narrow at the end. One should wear it in such a manner that the narrow end points towards the hand.

  • Marquise cut

It is almost like the pear cut, the only difference being that both the ends are pointed. It makes the wearer’s hands and fingers look longer and slimmer.

  • Emerald cut

Cut differently, it appears to be thinner and elongated.

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Type 1, 2, and 3 are the grades given to all stones in the jewelry industry. Through these types, you can easily evaluate the clarity of the stone you are purchasing. Remember to ask your jeweler about the type of your stone if you are not aware of the category or the type that your preferred jewelry falls into. Morganite is Type 1. This means that it is transparent and without visible flaws. Morganites with any visible flaws are not used in jewelry, as there is a chance for the customer to notice it because of its transparency.

Clear and lustrous stone

But it’s not that morganites with flaws are not used at all. Sometimes, the flaws are brilliantly hidden by the design or setting. To save yourself from getting cheated, look for a clear and lustrous stone. The clearer the stone is, the lesser are the chances for the stone to have flaws. Morganite engagement rings are a good choice. The reason why one should purchase it all the more is that the stones are polished and smooth.


After the three C’s, it’s time for the fourth one, that is the Carat for your stone. Carat is the weight of a particular gemstone. Generally, the carat of any stone depends on its size. The larger the stone, the more is the carat of that stone. All gemstones do not have the same carat as apart from the size, what also matters is the density of a particular stone. A diamond ring and a morganite rings may have the same carat weight but, the sizes would most likely be different. This is one of the reasons as to why morganites are measured in millimeters rather than carats. You have to find the perfect morganite engagement ring size to suit your partner’s desires.


Not only is it considered to be the best alternative for the age-old diamonds but also it holds many symbolisms. The gem’s light pink color age-old peach color has made mental healers connect morganite rings to the heart chakra. It is believed to have the symbol of innocence, love, and purity. They believe that the stone helps in opening up the heart chakra which leads to a life full of love and productivity. It gives you positive energy and takes away all the negativities from your life. The feelings of fear, insecurity, and anger are eliminated from your life.

Brings positivity in your life with morganite

Morganite allows you to heal emotionally and transform yourself into a better being. If you are wearing the stone, it will allow you to nurture a sense of peace and joy that will flow through your body, and give you the strength to accept, forgive, and grow. All these qualities paired with the quality to make your relationship grow stronger every passing day makes morganite engagement rings, the best choice one could avail. There is no scientific proof of the truth of these believes but the fact that these give you some hope and brings positivity in your life, make them even more desirable.


So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your morganite engagement rings. Let the positivity of the morganite ring spread.