Teach K For Knitting To Your Kids

by Clare Louise
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Whenever we hear the word “knitting”, the memory of our grandmother knitting on a moving chair flashes right in front of us. People usually associate knitting with an elderly task. But the perception needs to be changed. Knitting has more to offer rather than just being a hobby needs to be. Parents should try to inculcate the habit of knitting among their kids as it will foster positive childhood development.

Here is a list of points why parents should push children to adopt knitting as a craft.

  1. Kids who knit have increased mental capacity.

According to recent studies, cell development can stimulate the brain by improving the dexterity and mobility in the five motor muscles.

These muscles play an important role in skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, reading and comprehension, and an overall desire to learn. These traits could be developed by practicing knitting regularly as they directly impact the motor muscles of the brain. The increase in brain capacity will help the child during studies or any other tricky activity.

  1. Kids who knit have a better emotional

Research conducted on a group of adults showed that 78% felt socially connected, 59% felt happy and 53% felt a sense of achievement after knitting. If the kids could learn to knit, they will be developing their social behaviors. They will have a sense of teamwork, and a state of calmness in their minds. They won’t feel anxious or self-conscious. Knitting serves as a hobby, thus helping the kids to cope up with the stress. These results in increased self-esteem of the child and bring personal joy to his/her life.

  1. Kids who knit are physically fit

Knitting might be a thing to do by sitting in one place but it can help in controlling your weight. It can help in quitting smoking. The dexterity in tire arthritic fingers could be improved by performing this as a hobby. As soon as the kid learns how to knit crochet, motor coordination is developed in the brain which will be fruitful for them throughout life. Moreover, it could teach the importance of personal hygiene as dirty hands mean yucky yarn.

Overall, knitting could be considered more than a hobby. It provides a creative outlet and opens the mind of a child. The individual is in a good mental and physical state while he/she knits. Our high-quality wool and cotton yarns can play a part in this beneficial activity for your kids. You can also avail discounted yarn in Australia.

So, rush to a yarn store and get vibrant colorful yarn for your kids and push them towards the knitting activity. Moreover, it isn’t necessary to invest money in an expensive yarn, when your kid is just starting. Give him/her some time and let her be professional you can get cheap yarn in Australia from our stores. Make your knitting or crocheting project unique with the special type of hand-dyed yarns in our store!