The Famous Batik Shirt: 4 Pieces to Pack in Your Suitcase

by Chriss Jerry
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Singaporean fashion is characterised by the infusion of traditional Indonesian and Malay fabrics into modern silhouettes. You would encounter a Batik shirt in Singapore suitable for city life or a midi dress for the hip woman who loves having fun.

If you are travelling soon, here’s how you pack Singapore inside your suitcase. These clothing pieces are a must!


Loungewear, such as a set of cotton pyjamas from Singapore, is the first one on our list because who doesn’t love sleeping in cosy and luxurious hotel rooms? Not to mention, it boosts your energy before starting a day or walking and exploring a new place. So, whether you are enjoying a villa along a Balinese beach or a Parisian apartment, this piece of clothing is a must!


If the country of your choice is tropical or hot, never forget a linen dress from Singapore because they are comfortable and fashionable. Women can wear them while strolling around the coast or under the blazing heat in the city. (Tip: Choose the right colours, and you will make the best outfit for the day!)


Regardless if you are in colder climates or tropical countries, an additional layer is a must. For instance, if the hotel in your summer destination is a bit cold due to the air conditioning unit, sport a thin jacket that complements your midi dress from Singapore.


A vibrant but relaxing shirt is essential for men and women. Always pack one of your choices, such as a Batik shirt, that shows your love for tradition as a Singaporean, and here’s a tip for women: Try wearing men’s garments for a boxy and edgy look!

Anmako Singapore boasts pieces that proudly show your heritage. If you are packing your suitcase, read this list and purchase a cotton dress proudly made in Singapore!