The pros and cons of proposing to your partner on Christmas Day

by Paul Petersen
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Planning a proposal isn’t easy. There are so many things to think about – where can you get the best wedding rings Dublin has to offer? How much should I spend? Where, when, and how should you propose?

When answering all these questions, and between all your scheming and planning, it’s likely that you’ve considered proposing on Christmas day! At a glance, it’s a great idea! However you considered all of the pros and cons before choosing this as your final proposal plan?

To help you with your decision, here are the pros and cons of proposing to your partner on Christmas day:

PRO: It’s already a Special Day

Christmas is a very romantic time of year, especially Christmas day. Gifts are exchanged, families are all together, there can be fires and decorations – in many ways its an ideal setting for a proposal already, with minimal planning needed from you.

CON: It’s already a Special Day

The fact that Christmas is already an occasion can detract from the significance of your engagement – given that there are already other festivities. It’s worth considering whether Christmas will the proposal extra special for your partner, or if it could take away from the meaning.

PRO: A ring is a great gift

Of all the presents your partner could get on Christmas day, it’s fair to assume that few gifts would be as special as an engagement ring. Weddings are beautiful all by themselves, and are always made more significant when presented on one knee.

CON: The ring is more than just a gift

A wedding is more than your average Christmas present – it’s a symbol of your commitment to your partner, and given when you pop the question. This means it carries a lot more meaning than your typical stocking filler. If you plan on proposing on Christmas day, make you get your partner one or two other gifts so it doesn’t appear like you’ve taken the ‘two birds one stone approach’.

PRO: Everyone’s Around

If you typically celebrate Christmas with friends and family, this can be a huge pro for Christmas proposals. This means when you get down on one knee, all of your loved ones will be there to enjoy the big moment with you and your partner! Plus, having everyone there means you have extra hands to help with the proposal!

CON: Holiday Stress

As amazing as Christmas time can be, it can also be very stressful. There is shopping to be done, travel plans to be made or organsing an even if it’s your turn to host. All this carries with it a certain expense too. Adding the cost and stress of planning a proposal to this mix may take away some of the magic.