What Men Find Most Attractive in a Woman?

by Clare Louise
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Men may seem a bit confused about what makes a woman attractive. They often think it has to do with her looks but that is not necessarily true.

Being selfless and considering others’ feelings before your own is a quality women find attractive in men. Women also love men who are good at romance.

1. Intelligence

Men find intelligent women more attractive than those who aren’t. A good sense of humor, a great vocabulary and the ability to think quickly are also all big turn-ons for guys.

Although it might seem like common sense, most people tend to underestimate how important a woman’s intelligence is. It’s a trait that many men find hard to ignore, so it’s worth improving if you want to impress the guy of your dreams.

When it comes to the physical, most men would prefer a woman who is a little shorter than them, but not too short. A healthy body weight, a proportionate figure, a pleasant natural scent and beautiful eyes are all major turn-ons for them as well.

Men are also attracted to women who take care of themselves and are comfortable in their own skin. That means wearing makeup only when necessary, staying hydrated and having clean and shiny hair. A smile that shows you’re confident and at ease will do more for your beauty than a full face of makeup ever could.

2. Creativity

Men love a creative woman who can find unique solutions to everyday challenges. They also appreciate women who are able to come up with fun activities to keep the family entertained.

Creativity is more than a woman’s ability to make crafts or recreate Pinterest projects, it’s her ability to see the world in a different way and inspire others with her unique approach. It is also a quality that will come in handy when it comes to raising children as creativity can help develop the ability to think outside of the box.

If you’re not naturally creative, don’t worry – it’s easier than you think to exercise those ‘creative muscles’. Try to incorporate something creative into your daily routine, whether that be picking up an adult colouring book, doodling or taking part in a painting workshop.

When it comes to physical attractiveness, a warm smile and high-pitched voice will definitely appeal to the male psyche, but don’t underestimate the power of your eyes. Apparently, a woman’s eyes are the first thing that men notice about her, and they will be drawn to your eyes regardless of their colour. A healthy, proportionate figure is another factor that can attract a man’s attention. Accentuated breasts and a slim waist are particularly appealing to men as they are associated with fertility.

3. Optimism

A man will be drawn to a woman who is positive and looks for the good in every situation. Having a sunny disposition is also linked with better pain management, and improved immune and cardiovascular function.

Optimism is a key factor in emotional resilience, and optimism can help you bounce back from adversity. However, if you become blinded by optimism and refuse to acknowledge any negative emotions that are present, it can have detrimental effects on your relationships.

If you’re an optimist, you likely have a “can-do” attitude and tend to take on challenges head-on. Moreover, you might find it easy to forgive others, even in difficult circumstances. The latter trait is a common feature of a woman’s character that many men find attractive, and it’s one of the keys to a happy relationship.

4. Respect

Men find women who respect their opinions and views irresistible. You can show this trait by listening attentively to what he has to say and also by giving him the space and freedom to have his own life outside of your relationship.

While it is true that physical traits are important, the first thing that most men notice about a woman is her eyes. They are drawn to women who have beautiful eyes, regardless of whether they are blue or brown. A healthy and fit body is attractive to men as well. They want a woman who can walk and talk like a lady and knows how to dress in a way that shows off her curves.

Various philosophical work has been done on the different forms and kinds of respect. Some philosophers have argued that a moral respect for persons involves both an objective and an evaluative component (that is, there are features of or facts about objects in virtue of which it is right to respect them and in virtue of which it is wrong to respect them). Other philosophers have questioned this distinction, arguing that the respect that people deserve cannot be reduced to any one form of respect or another.

5. Friendliness

Men find a woman who is friendly to her friends and family very attractive. Being kind and generous to other people makes her appear more genuine and authentic. It also shows that she has good manners and is a well-mannered person.

Another trait that a man finds attractive in a woman is her loyalty. He wants a partner who is loyal to him and will never betray him. He would be able to tell that she is loyal by the way she talks about her friends and family and the way she treats them.

A man will also find a woman who can cook appealing. A woman who knows how to make a good meal is a hard-to-find quality that most men find irresistible. In addition, a woman who is goal-getter and works hard towards her goals is also very attractive to men. Lastly, a woman who is capable of communicating well with her man is an added bonus. She should be able to explain her needs and feelings without making him feel like she’s complaining.

6. Sense of Humour

The type of humour someone finds funny is highly personal. What a person finds funny can be influenced by age, education, and even religion. Different cultures can also have very different perceptions of what constitutes humor, for example, toddlers might be amused by pratfalls while teenagers enjoy irony and parody.

Having a good sense of humor is important because laughing has many health benefits. Regular bouts of laughter can lower your blood pressure, reduce your stress levels and boost your mood. Developing a sense of humor can also help you build stronger relationships with others as you learn to see the world in a different light and find unique ways of poking fun at everyday life events and situations.

To test this hypothesis, participants were asked to identify a person they felt embodied an outstanding sense of humor. They were then asked to describe the characteristics of that sense of humor in three to five words. Table 2 shows the relative mention of each characteristic by participant gender and country, with creativity mentioned most often by American, Turkish and Iranian participants, while hostility and sarcasm were named less frequently in all groups.

7. Confidence

Men appreciate women who are confident and know what they want out of life. They also love a woman who is unafraid to express their opinions, but knows when to be quiet. If you can keep a man’s attention with your conversation and charm, that’s what really attracts him.

A smile makes you look friendly and sexually receptive, according to a study from University of British Columbia. And a sense of humor is another attractive quality, which shows you’re a fun person to be around.

When a woman has a good, wide grin, it conveys she’s happy with herself and her situation. This doesn’t mean you have to be a comedian, but it does indicate that you’re comfortable in your own skin and can laugh at yourself. Men will appreciate this about you, especially if they’re feeling down or stressed. And they’ll feel like they have a friend in you who can cheer them up. That’s a great combination to have in a relationship.

8. Risk-Taking

Men want a woman who can keep up with them in terms of their intellectual pursuits, athletic endeavours, and social life. If he’s constantly asking for your opinion on work-related and non-work related issues, it might be a sign that he is into you, especially if he does this regularly.

A healthy looking body is another trait that men find irresistible. A natural scent, clean and healthy hair, a proportionate figure, good hygiene, and good posture are all things that men look for in women. Breasts are also a big turn-on for them, as they subconsciously associate them with fertility.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to what do men find most attractive in a woman as everyone is different. However, the above are some qualities that all men seem to find irresistible in a woman. If you possess these traits, be sure to show them off as often as possible! It might just make all the difference in winning him over. Good luck!