Benefits of wearing Alexandrite pendant

by Jennifer Janelle
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Having Alexandrite pendant is more than just boasting about the beauty. Since it belongs to the oxidized class of minerals, it is made of different oxides such as chromium, aluminum, beryllium and more.

When you are buying the Alexandrite birthstone month jewelry, you need to be familiar with the benefits as well. Obtained from the Ural Mountains of Russia these gemstones have the ability to change color. Many people believe that wearing an Alexandrite pendant brings fortune and good luck.

Why should you get an Alexandrite pendant?

When you get any Alexandrite birthstone month jewelry, it can prove to be extremely beneficial for you. It has various healing properties that can help you get rid of mental and physical problems in no time. Here are some of the common reasons why you should consider getting an Alexandrite pendant:

Protects against chronic diseases

This may be slightly hard to believe but Alexandrite can actually offer you protection against various chronic diseases. Since it helps to channelize the positive energies, the healing properties in the body improves. As a result, when you are feeling physically down, wearing this gemstone can help to treat the condition.

Wearing Alexandrite pendant is also known to treat chronic diseases as it helps to purify the blood. The use of this gemstone can help to make the blood vessels strong thereby making blood circulation in the body easy.

It brings good fortune


Many people use Alexandrite gemstone because it brings good fortune. The color changing capacity has made it a standout gemstone.

Alexandrite was discovered in Russia but it is found in Brazil, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Brazil. It is one unique gemstone. After Diamond, it is also one of the hardest gemstones featuring a Mohs hardness scale of 8.5.

The use of Alexandrite will help in spiritual healing. As a result, it helps to bring about good luck.

Treats neurological problems


One of the main benefits of using Alexandrite gemstone is that it helps to treat neurological problems. The hormonal changes in our body can cause various neurological damages. Well, the use of Alexandrite pendant can help to overcome it.

Many people believe that wearing this gemstone will have a positive impact on your body as it releases stress-relieving hormones. It will also help to remove any impurities from your body thereby detoxifying it.

Metaphysical healing


Many people consider Alexandrite gemstone to be guardian stone. It helps to bring emotional and physical healing. Many people believe that it works the most efficiently as a heart chakra cleaner. Apart from purifying the heart chakra, it also has a significant positive impact on the body.

The use of Alexandrite can also help to clean crown chakra. As a result, it will uplift you spiritually.

Protects against blood cancer

Alexandrite can help to reduce cancer cells in the body. Furthermore, it will also help to improve the number of healthy cells in the body. This helps to promote faster healing abilities. It also has cell regeneration abilities that can help to lower any negative impact due to leukemia.

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