How Adding Your Logo Can Help Your Business Shopping

by Clare Louise
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Think about the last time you ordered food from your favorite restaurant. Did the bag it came in have their logo or business name on it? Maybe even the containers included this information. This is a classic example of promotional marketing materials and it can work wonders for your business. Retail stores have custom shopping bags, coffee houses have branded coffee cups and even your vet’s office might offer stickers or calendars with their logo. Let’s look at how these tactics can help your business.

Creates Brand Loyalty

When people are able to display their purchasing decisions to the world, it carries a certain weight. They want to be proud of what they’re now representing, which will help them to form a bond with your brand. If they trust your brand to create quality products they would recommend to their friends, then they’ll keep choosing you over any other brand simply because they identify with your marketing.

Builds a Relationship

When you offer customers branded materials, it gives you the opportunity to open a dialogue. You could let them know about upcoming sales, changes in the business or the next new thing you’ll be offering. Aside from promotional talk, you could also just ask how their day is. This moment of back and forth will help customers to feel like they know your brand personally and makes it more likely they’ll recommend your products to friends and family.

Reduces Cost

I know you’re probably remembering the last time you quoted marketing materials and thinking “it wasn’t cheap.” But if you consider the cost of promotional materials versus a marketing campaign, you can actually come out ahead. Way ahead. Promotional products are easy to give away and will then circulate through areas where you know you already have loyal customers, so they’ll do the rest of the marketing work for free.