Smart Promotional Giveaways to Consider for Politicians

by Clare Louise
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Promotional products are extremely important for politicians. This gets their name out there to the public and to the most important people. And if you are the one in charge to find the best giveaways for your supported politician, then it is crucial that you consider the list of good options below.

Pins and Buttons

One of the most used political promotional and campaign giveaways are the pins. An old-school yet very effective campaign giveaway to consider. These days, it is now a fashion trend to attach these buttons to people’s jackets and backpacks. So take this as an advantage to also promote your politician and get his or her message across.

Campaign Pens

Another popular campaign giveaway is the personalized pens. It is simple but very effective. You can go fancy or stick to the simple ones with customized designs. Most customized pens are not that expensive to reproduce that is why many campaign managers choose to use this together with the other materials that they can utilize.


Another traditional method during election campaigns is the use of stickers and labels. This is another effective giveaway that you can consider to promote your candidate. It is one of those giveaways that can be easily reproduced. If you have the right people in your team who know how to design and print out stickers, then you can easily do this at home or in your office.

Banners and Signs

This campaign idea will never go out of style. You will always see this during the political campaign periods. They are posted everywhere to catch the attention of the public. So make use of this option but ensure that yours sticks out. The custom signs and banners will make your politicians’ names pop in this competitive landscape.

Customized Bobblehead 

If you want a campaign giveaway that is on the fancier side, then you can also consider the  Custom Bobblehead from USA. These are perfect if you need to give out giveaways to more important people. Now, you can have a personalized bobblehead that will look exactly like your candidate. They are perfect campaign giveaways after an important event with significant people. 

Picking the right promotional giveaway can be a huge help when it comes to the politician. Out of the options mentioned above, bobbleheads are becoming a huge trend. It is now easy to order personalized bobbleheads at Custom Bobblehead. Just make sure that you have the right photo inspiration and you will have the product sent right to your doorstep.