Most Popular Diamond Cuts For An Engagement Ring

by Clare Louise
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It is no secret that the diamond’s cut decides its market value and preciousness. While looking for the perfect engagement ring for your partner, you might get confused with so many beautiful and alluring options on the market. However, learning about different cuts and which diamond cut is the most valued can help you select the best engagement rings for your partner. 

To find that radiant and alluring engagement ring, you might have to go through thousands of options before you finalize the perfect one. However, with the collection of engagement rings at Atelier Lou, you will not have to bounce through several shops to find a unique ring to make that grand romantic gesture. 

Most popular diamond cuts for an engagement ring 

  • Round cut 

The classic round-cut diamond is the first picture of a diamond that enters a bride’s mind. While plenty of cuts are available today in the market, there is something timeless and evergreen about those round-cut diamonds that make brides gravitate back to them every time. 

Round-cut diamonds are preferred worldwide for engagement rings because of the shape of the stone. It attracts the maximum light, making the diamond blinding and appear gigantic. 

Who doesn’t love a good sparkling diamond, right? So if you are looking for that perfect alluring diamond that grabs everyone’s attention, a round brilliant cut diamond is ideal for your fiance. 

  • Princess cut 

Every girl wants to be treated like a princess by her man. Gifting her an eponymous princess cut diamond engagement ring can make for an intimate and romantic proposal. The princess-cut diamonds give the engagement rings a modern a d chic look. The geometric shape of the diamonds gives the engagement ring a brilliant and exciting sparkle that can easily impress a bride. 

However, you are careful while selecting the arrangement of these diamonds in an engagement ring as they are known to chip because of their sharp edges. You can ask for guidance from the store you are purchasing, as most stores are happy to help customers. Go for a setting that does not put the shape and longevity of the diamond at risk; however, it certainly does not outshine the center price.  

The plus side of selecting a princess-cut diamond for the engagement ring is that they are as popular as the round cuts; however, they cost significantly less than the classic custard diamonds. 

  • Cushion cut 

The impeccable diamond cut is often compared with a pillow due to its sharp corner and rounded sides.