Pearl is the Queen of Gems that is Loved All across the World

by Jennifer Janelle
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Pearl is a symbol of purity and defeater of Moon. Pearl is admired as the finest gem stone that gives an elegant and royal look. Astrologers believe that pearl is the defeater of Moon, thus, those who have hardships in life are suggested to wear pearl ring on their finger to obstruct Moon’s negativity. Pearls are all time favorite of every female not only because of its shape and color, but also because of its simplicity which makes it versatile and matches with any attire.

White or cream color pearls are quite commonly used stone among all pearls. Whether it is wedding or any party pearl single strand necklace and single or pearl earrings, completes the entire getup. Pearls are entertained in every culture. In ancient times, pearls were considered as a figure of status and wealth. This is why it is also considered a royal gift if received form any elder, because you may never know for how many generations it’s being passed to you.

Earlier pearls were produced naturally from oysters and only one out of ten thousand oysters produced a natural pearl. This made it not only rare but valuable as well. However, after pearl farmers started cultivating it, there has been revolution in the pearl business. This gave a chance to everyone to get hold of pearl jewelry at reasonable price. Pearls have always meant white or creamy color stone for all of us, but the fact is that there are different variations and shades on pearls available. Most fake pearls are dyed to give unique colors, but cultivated pearls are also available in different shades.

While purchasing any pearl accessory it is necessary to know some style tips –

  • Although pearls can be worn with any outfit, but the classic way of representing is with a combination of black dress. It not only looks soft and elegant, but your masterpiece reflects brightly.
  • Apart from that, latest designs of pearl jewelry fit well with silk skirts and shirts for formal occasions or offices, evening gowns for cocktail parties or jeans for casual days.
  • Vintage designs can be comfortable with white or creamy shade of pearls, but latest designs have to vibrant with different shades and hues.
  • If you have vintage pearl design, then it matches well with floral dress or perfect for wedding outfit.

It is good to purchase one common design and shade of pearl set that matches with all attires. This jewelry piece gives you last minute comfort.