What to expect when having a baby?

by Jennifer Janelle
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The prospect of baby shopping can be both exciting and nerve wrecking. There are literally hundreds of products in stores and the very sight can be far too overwhelming for a first time parent. We are here to help you declassify some of the basic essentials along with other baby gear.

Let’s start with the first and foremost thing that pops in our head whilst thinking babies. Yes, you thought right! Diapers it is!

  1. Diapers

Now there are basically two types of diapers, cloth and disposable ones. The disposable ones have created quite a stir in today’s world with excess wastage so for those environmental conscious parents, cloth diapers are the way to go. Disposable diapers come with its own pros such as being hassle free with zero maintenance. There are other products that go hand in hand with diapers such as a baby lotion or cream to prevent any form of allergies, baby wipes to clean, a bag for used diapers because you can’t keep heading out the house to throw them in a trash can. They come in soft shades like pinkiblue and yellow.

  1. Feeding your baby

Breast feeding is an important and a very intimate bond between mother and baby. But for working mothers, there are easier alternatives to nurturing your little one while on the go! These are:

  • Bottle milk (For those who prefer to use formula)
  • Nipple brush
  • Sterilizer to clean them after each use
  • Soft hand towels adapted for baby skin
  • A nursing pillow
  • Breast pump
  1. Baby strollers

Holding a baby at all times while outdoors can be exhausting. This is where this ingenious invention comes into the picture, providing relief to parents working round the clock. There are different kinds of strollers.

The standard strollers: This is the most basic form of stroller. They’re long lasting, bulky in size and come with some pretty elementary features like an overhead shade, a reclining seat and various designs, depending on the position of the baby sitting/sleeping inside.

Car seat carriers: These strollers can be attached to the infant seat in your car making it very convenient.

Travel systems: This is primarily a combination of your standard stroller with car seats, proving to be multifunctional and cost effective.

Lightweight strollers: These are specifically designed keeping mobility and travel in mind. You can fold them up and carry it while not in use but it comes with a disadvantage as well. They don’t have all the fanciful features that standard strollers come with.