Are carnations the flower of death?

by Clare Louise
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Every human being will definitely experience death. Especially when we are responded to by loved ones. Usually someone will convey their grief not just by visiting them. Some expressed their sorrow by giving bouquets ordered through the mourning flower shop, arguing that the prison was far away so they could not come to express their condolences.

A funeral is a ceremony for the lives of the recently passed. Flowers carry several symbolic meanings for each arrangement. These are the flowers that symbolize loss and send a strong message at a funeral for the time of mourning. Sometimes, death can be very painful and overwhelming.

Carnations are one of the most popular types of flowers used as a flower bouquet to convey empathy and sorrow. Carnation flowers have a variety of colors where each color has a different meaning.

The carnation symbolizes eternal grief, love, and loyalty. Flowers are, therefore, a beautiful sign of sympathy.

Flowers have spiritual meaning and are always used to symbolize every aspect of the human life cycle from birth to death.

Presenting flowers or sprinkling flowers at funeral services especially for loved ones is a beautiful way to remember the life of the deceased or the deceased who are no longer together.

Faithful to the meeting there will always be goodbyes. If you have to part with a loved one, whether it’s your best friend, lover or family member, you can give carnations as a final form of respect for them.

The myth of death flowers

Flowers on graves

Another strange belief is about flowers growing on graves. If wild flowers appear naturally, it is a sign that the deceased was a good person and had gone to heaven. Conversely, if the grave becomes barren covered with weeds and dusty it is a sign that the individual is considered unkind.

The origins of this superstition have disappeared over time, but people have always associated flowers with beauty, purity, grace, etc., and their absence as a sign of plague, despair, and so on.

The custom evolved to place artificial flowers on graves although it is now discouraged by most funerals due to maintenance issues.

In addition, flowers are always mandatory in the coffin. This appears to stem from another practical reason – the smell of scented flowers helps mask decomposition odors.

Choosing the Right Colors

Today, there is more freedom of funeral composition choices. Thus, contrary to what one might think, bright colors are not to bring a note of hope to the graves. Here is the meaning of colors:

* Blue: Nature, infinity, calm, serenity, sensitivity.

* White: Purity, balance, innocence, calm, serenity, light.

* Grey: Sadness, depression, helplessness, loneliness, boredom.

* Yellow: Joy, energy, tonicity, dynamism.

* Black: Fear, anguish, the unknown, loss, emptiness.

* Orange: boldness, intelligence, loyalty, confidence/mistrust, warmth, radiance.

* Pink: Innocence, gentleness, romanticism, tranquility, trust.

* Red: Love/hate, passion, emotion, strength, power, power, energy, struggle, determination.

* Green: balance, success, optimism, youth, happiness, harmony.

3 things you need to check before a flower delivery

Flowers are often the right medium to convey various messages. Whether it’s as an expression of affection, or even sorrow. People think that there is a message that can be conveyed through a wreath so that it is given to represent the expression of his heart.

Each type of flower has a different message. For that you need to be careful before choosing and sending the flower bouquet. Don’t get the wrong message just because you choose the wrong type of flower.

The carnation is a symbol of love. A carnation could be given as a gift to honor a life that reflected the spirit of God. Generally, it can be used to express love and forgiveness for the loved one who has passed.

Pay attention to situations and conditions

This point is the main thing that you should pay attention to before sending a flower bouquet. Each situation and condition certainly has its own terms. For example, a situation of grieving is of course not the same as a happy situation, such as marriage. So that you don’t offend the person who gets the flower sent, this point needs to be considered carefully.

When you want to send a wreath of condolence, make sure that the bereaved family is happy to receive the bouquets. The choice of flowers is also different, for a mourning atmosphere, usually white flowers are chosen. Meanwhile, to convey love and affection, red or pink flowers are more commonly used.

Check the delivery destination

Without a clear delivery destination, your order will not reach its destination. For that, be sure to write down the destination address clearly. Especially if you order a flower with an out of town destination. Not only will it make it easier for the sending party, by writing clear goals you will also save time.

In addition to writing a clear destination address, you also need to pay attention to the location of your destination. For example, you want to give a flower bouquet for a friend who is hospitalized. Make sure the hospital where your friend is treated allows flowers to be sent to the patient before sending flowers. Thus you will avoid the risk of interest being rejected by the hospital.

Choose an appropriate theme

Each flower arrangement has a different theme. The theme of the condolences wreath will be different from the congratulatory flower wreath. Likewise, a flower bouquet for a birthday will certainly be different from a bouquet for a proposal. For that you need to choose an appropriate theme.

Usually the flower wreath maker will ask you the design you want. If in doubt, state your goals. The wreath maker will quickly find out what kind of wreath is right for you, you can also search the internet for a different result than others.

The carnation is a symbol of love. A carnation could be given as a gift to honor a life that reflected the spirit of God. Generally, it can be used to express love and forgiveness for the loved one who has passed.